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First off, with the exception of Lisa (OFB townie) and Basil (CAS creation), all of the sims in this post's previews are from Peni Griffin's Widespot neighborhood. There's also a subhood version of it.

Secondly, I've got a Simblr now! Most of the posts are related to the happenings in Widespot, though there's some pictures from my long-running Strangetown neighborhood, too. (It also serves as evidence that these characters really do spend 90% of their time in their everyday clothes, no matter what the CC posts may have you believe :P)

Now for the CC!

First, I took CatOfEvilGenius's EF Conversion of Maxis's Seasons Preorder AF Bikini and applied both Maxis's designs and fanseelamb's recolor to it.

It's modeled by Angel Hart and the mesh isn't included. (Neither is Angel's proclivity for hitting the bar whenever there's precipitation outside.)
(The mesh can be found here.)


I took three of Noora's swimwears and converted the AM swimtrucks for TM and EM use and the AF leopard-print swimsuit for TF use.

The teen versions are shown, modeled by Lisa Benson and Basil Mint.
(No mesh required.)


I converted three of the Maxis basegame CF swimsuits for use by TF.

They're modeled by Delta Land, who kept second-guessing whether or not she wanted to jump off of the diving board.
(No mesh required.)


I also decided to convert the Maxis basegame AF/TF tankinis for EF, as well as create a EM version of Shannanigan's Tiki Weave swimsuit. (I'll be converting Shannanigan's AF-only swimsuits for TF and EF later.)

They're modeled by Delta's parents Beulah and Homer Land, who enjoy classic-dancing in the rain (and embarrassing their children in the process).
Download the tankinis.
Download the swimtrunks.
(No mesh required.)


Lastly, I made an EF version of Koti's Wildfox swimsuits (A TF and AF blockfeet conversion can be found here.) and an EM version of Skellington7d's boxers enabled for use as swimwear as well.

They're modeled by Rich and Lana Mann, who are enjoying the fine sport of telling gossip about everyone while their grandkids play in the pool.
Download the boxers/swimtrunks.
Download the swimsuits.
(No mesh required.)
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